Leckere Bildchen.

29. Oktober 2008

Have you ever imagined that you could lick on a lollipop and change the way you think?

Eye Candy can.

Even though the concept sounds like something from the “Electric Kool-aid Acid Test”, Eye Candy uses a Sensory Substitution Technology to naturally send vibrant, emotive images to your mind. Through the use of resonators located on the candy, information is transmitted from the tongue to the brain allowing for the mind to see the images contained in Eye Candy.

Eye Candy is available in 6 flavors: Relax, Socialize, Assert, Meditate, Confront and Focus.

via fourfifthsdesign.com und TrendOne Newsletter


Eine Antwort to “Leckere Bildchen.”

  1. Alina Hueckelkamp Says:

    lutschersüchtige du. :))

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